domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

Seriousness - A story of how a lone cub tries to become a lone wolf

There is a thing about Nathan that many people give for granted, the fact that he is a serious person, but this was not always true. When he was young and in the process of turning himself into a lone wolf, many of his before called friends begin ignoring him. He thought this was because he was too childish to appeal to someone of his age, he was still a child back then, but he wasn't that childish as far as many people concern of childness, he was as childish as whatever normal child is. However, this seamed too childish for his friends and aquaintances.
He used to read a lot, and as a result of this his imagination was glowing with far-away lands, adventures, misteries, romances and tresueres. He made then a romantic image of a perfect person, the heroe who rescued the princes locked in the castle or the fierce capitan of a ship who fought for what he believed was good and right, or the man who gives away everything in serch of a better world. He looked up to the greatest clasical heroes, Ulisses, Aquiles, Ivanhoe, king Arthur, Don Quijote de la Mancha and many more.
He loved this world but, as a result of all this events, Nathan began asking himself how to become more grown-up, he looked at every adult he knew and he thought he had found in them the answer. He shall become a serious person in order to appear more growned up. So he locked up this imaginary world of him in a solid stone wall, only revealing to him as dreams, stories and drawing of this far-away lands, adventures, misteries, romances and tresueres.
In the end nothing was going as he thought it would go, he was serious, maybe too serious for a child and as a result he became lonelier than he used to be. He was now a lone wolf.

jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Prologe - Lonelyness - The story of how a child became a lone cub

Nathan used to be a child, as any other person in the world ever was one time, he used to be happy, playing with his toys and his friends. By this time he was like any other child, he hated homework and wanted to become someday an astronaut. Her family was a very loving one and he was happy with them, he loved her mother and her father more than any child loves their parents, and his parents loved him even more. They ensured he was safe and educated him so he, someday, would become a great person and a great professional, a nitzchean übermann. He obey them blindly, knowing that they wanted the best for him, so he studied, and felt happy studing because that made his parents happy, and that made him happy.
But this years wouldn't last and one day, when Nathan was 8, a new child came to his school. As any child he went to talk to him, soon he realized that that child ,for some reason, didn't like him, and as any other child of his age does he started to bother him. He also noticed that that kid was tring an succeding to make his friends not to like him, so he felt real sadness for the first time in his short life.
With the best sence of cold undchildish logic he got to the conclution that he never wanted to feel like that again, and ,in order to do so, he would be alone, counting on his parents for support and company. He decided to become a lone wolf by being first a lone cub, and this is how it all began.

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Nota sobre "Elements"

Hola, espero que les aya gustado la serie "Elements", esta en ingles xq se me ocurrio escribirlas en ingles, aunque mucha gente q usualmente lee(o leia) este blog tiene suficiente conocimiento del idioma para entenderlo. Para los que no saben ingles, no confien en el traductor de google, lo traduce muy mal, despues posteare "Elements" en español para hacerlo mas accesible a las masas del pais. Ahora empezare a escribir "Prologue" una serie de 5 historias cortas que son la explicacion de lo que paso mucho antes de "Elements" y sabran un poco de Nathan Danniels y de como se metio en esta complicada situacion. Asi como en "Elements" vendra acompañado de una cancion que creo sera la mas adecuada para cada historia.
Mucho mas adelante ira saliendo "Revelations", pero eso es otro tema que dejare para mas adelante.
Suerte y gracias de una manera u otra...
Auf wiedersehen.

martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

Reality - Epilogue of the short series of stories about a child's path to manhood

Nothing Nathan made changed the tides of what was ment to happen. All he did was useless, but he learned a great deal of experience and a new look of the world. As he moved across the lonely train he remembered all of what he had ever felt for her, and felt a lot of sorrow. He felt the universe was with him and against him at the same time, as everything he experienced made him suffer but taught him a lot about life and it's maquiavelic moves. He just wanted to go back in time with everything he knew then so he could undo every mistake he made so it would have been all better, but deep inside himself he knew that that would be all wrong. He realized, like Don Quijote did, that not all his thoughts were wright and that he may crash a lot windmills just if he kept pretending they were all giants.
He had broken the shell of the fake world Hesse described on "Demian" and he was now on the path of becaming a man, and nobody would stop him, not even himself. He has his eyes wide now and he is armed with the knowledge he has taken from every experience. He is prepared to really live now.

domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

Light - The last story about a path to really understand himself

Everything seamed to be confusing to Nathan, he thought the desition he made would make him happy, but he was misserable. Since the day he made that desition, he's known that something had to be changed. He reflected about this for a long time, trying to figure out what really what was really important to him. Every experience he had had taught him a new aspect of his life and made him think about everything he knew. He constantly asked himself if everything was real or not, if he was living in the real world or in an illusion he had created himself to emulate the real world, if every person saw the same colors as he did, if what he had done was the right thing to do and if he would change anything if he had the chance to go back in time.
He had grown up more in that week than in the past yearand he sudendly remembered a dream he had long ago, when everything was sunflowers and sunshine. He was in a path of light in a pitch black darkness, following a white dressed woman, the road didn't wanted for him to meet her, so it stoped him by graving his feet, but he kept running till he got free of the road. Then a black dressed woman appeared and begin to sing beautifully, like a siren, but he didn't stopped moving, so the woman stabed him on the back, but he kept running. When he got really close to the woman, himself appeared in front of him and stabbed him on the heart, but kept moving and he reached the woman, then he falled before even touching her, so he a word in a lenguage he couldn't fully understand in that moment. The woman heard the word, turned back, and hold him in her arms, she say that word and kissed him bringing him back to life, so could walk through that bright road and see togeter what was beyond it.
Nathan then undestood the word he said, and everything became clear, the dream was not a prediction but a warning, to reach her he needed to grow up and understand it. He then knew what he needed to do. He openned his eyes, grabed his coat and got in way to met not only destiny, but his real self, to tell everything he had learned and to do it without thinking in the future, because it cannot be predicted. he was going to demonstrate her what was really behind that man she knew as Nathan Danniels.

sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009

Air - A story about thoughts and feelings flying through the air

Nathan looked at Alice's eyes and she looked somewhere else pretending she didn't saw the tender look he was having. He opened his soul to her, getting in response just an ice-cold face. Alice was the queen of snow land, but Nathan new that deep inside her, there was still something burning that the ice would not extinguish, he was trying to lighter it.
He's perfect plan was failing, he knew the possibility of success was low, but the odds now were against him and his hope was reduced to ashes. He began to think in strategies to get out, to solve everything or somethings in a way they would do the less harm. He began to think about distances and about the life in other places. He wanted to fly, to fly to never land, to go pass the second star to the right and keep going forward into dawn. His spirit wanted to be free of that cave it was into. He really wanted for all the pressure to stop, a quick way would be sufficient to do that, but it would mean to loose all he had worked for. He would now aim for a different objective, he would end everything in a good way, rather than the best way for him. It may not be so good for both of them, but it would leave everyone happy. He felt like hamlet, to be or not to be, that was the question, he said to himself.
In a sudden move he end everything the way it would leave everyone but themselves happy. He hugged her, and said the most pain phase he ever said till now, and kissed her goodbye.

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Fire - A story about a man's struggle with his thoughts

A unnatural atmosphere was surrounding Nathan in his trials and tribulations. Right at that moment he was standing in front of the most unforgiving jury, the straightest judge, and the most feared and respected prosecutor. Next to him was only his lawyer, a man of few words and a strong conviction to justice, but he was a timid man and find it hard to speak in front of many people. The court was crowded with people, many of them were total strangers, Nathan recognized them all, however. The long room was filled with feelings, many of the them dangerous, many other were kind, but the bast majority was confused, who wouldn't be confused in such a situation.
The judge asked Nathan the reason of him being there, Nathan responded with the truth and only the truth, he didn't know what was happening, the only thing he knew was that he was there for something important, very important. The judge accented, he then asked the prosecutor to read the charges.
Nathan couldn't believe the charges, thought they were a bit over-exaggerated they were right. He had done all the things he was accused of doing. one of the worst things one can do to himself. He had lost confidence in himself and he had fallen into a self-regret spiral, doing nothing to stop his deterioration and recover some of his lost dignity. He had abandoned himself in the time he was more needed.
He knew what to do now, he knew it still wasn't late enough, so he stood up and spoke for himself as he never spoke before in his life, with words and phrases that could have been part of a Shakespearean play. A long silence then filled the room, everyone in the court was astonished as they have never thought Nathan would have done that the way he did. The silence was broken by the sound of an applause, then another, and soon the all the room was filled with the sound of clapping hands and cheering mouths.
Nathan had defeated his most feared enemy, himself, and now he was ready to defeated any other enemy he encounter in his quest. He opened his eyes, and looked in her eyes.